Circle Mall JVC: The Ultimate Retail Destination in Jumeirah Village Circle!

Circle Mall JVC: The Ultimate Retail Destination in Jumeirah Village Circle!

Dubai is renowned as a hub of luxury and pleasure, and one of the best places to experience this grandeur is through its elegant malls. These shopping centers are massive, gorgeous, and offer a plethora of shopping and entertainment options. Nestled in the heart of Jumeirah Village Circle, Circle Mall is a fantastic addition to the glittering array of malls in Dubai. Housing over 80 retail stores, 40 restaurants, and a huge sports venue, Circle Mall is truly a retail hotspot. Read on to discover all the fun things about JVC’s community mall.

Interiors of Circle Mall JVC

Circle Mall is not just another mall; it’s an experience. The interiors are designed to reflect luxury and comfort, making every visit a delightful adventure. Whether you’re shopping, dining, or just taking a stroll, the ambiance of Circle Mall will leave you in awe.

Shops in Circle Mall JVC

The mall spans across 49,424 square meters, offering a wide variety of local and international brands. Whether you’re looking for fashion clothing, accessories, shoes, gift shops, or toy stores, Circle Mall has it all.

Brands for Less

At Brands for Less, you can find everything under one roof, from fashionable outfits and kidswear to home decor, toys, sportswear, and much more. With over 3,000 international brands, there are always discounts and special deals to take advantage of.

  • Location: Ground floor
  • Contact: +971-4-582-0184

Cotton On

This international lifestyle and fashion brand from Australia offers the latest in casual wear that’s both stylish and expressive. Cotton On is one of the most affordable fashion shops at Circle Mall JVC.

  • Location: Ground floor
  • Contact: +971-4-568-9403

The Custom Shop

For those who prefer customized styles, The Custom Shop is the place to be. The store offers personalized options to make your outfits distinctive based on your preferences.

  • Location: First floor
  • Contact: +971-4-422-1386

The Little Thinker

One of the most visited kids’ stores at Circle Mall, The Little Thinker offers a variety of kids’ books, puzzles, costumes, educational toys, playsets, and arts and crafts products.

  • Location: Ground floor
  • Contact: +971-2-444-4126

Daiso Japan

Daiso is perfect for shopping for accessories, utensils, pet products, decor items, and more. The store offers a wide variety of affordable and unique items.

  • Location: Ground floor
  • Contact: +971-50-918-1165

Nesto Hypermarket

Nesto Hypermarket at Circle Mall JVC is your one-stop shop for all your grocery needs. It offers a wide range of products, from fresh produce to household essentials.

  • Location: First floor
  • Contact: +971-4-589-0895


A well-known supermarket chain in Dubai, Spinneys at Circle Mall is a popular spot for JVC residents to stock up on groceries, toys, accessories, and apparel.

  • Location: Ground floor
  • Contact: +971-4-583-1271

Cafes and Restaurants at Circle Mall JVC

Feeling weary after a long day of shopping? The Circle Mall cafes and restaurants are the perfect spots to refuel. From internationally renowned cafes to local culinary delights, there are plenty of options for dining at the mall. Here’s a list of restaurants at Circle Mall that you can’t miss!

International Restaurants


Famous for its peri-peri chicken, Nando’s is a must-visit for those who love spicy, flavorful food. The casual dining atmosphere makes it perfect for a quick bite or a relaxed meal with friends and family.

  • Location: Ground floor
  • Contact: +971-4-582-0123


Offering a wide variety of American and Tex-Mex dishes, Chili’s is a great place to enjoy a hearty meal. From burgers and ribs to fajitas and salads, there’s something for everyone.

  • Location: First floor
  • Contact: +971-4-567-0987

Local Eateries


Zaroob brings the flavors of Levantine street food to Circle Mall. Enjoy a variety of traditional dishes, from shawarma and falafel to manakeesh and fresh juices.

  • Location: Ground floor
  • Contact: +971-4-589-4562

Operation: Falafel

This modern twist on traditional Middle Eastern cuisine offers a delicious selection of falafel, hummus, and other classic dishes in a contemporary setting.

  • Location: First floor
  • Contact: +971-4-568-9783



A global favorite, Starbucks at Circle Mall is the ideal spot to grab your favorite coffee or tea, along with a selection of pastries and snacks. It’s a perfect place to relax or catch up on work.

  • Location: Ground floor
  • Contact: +971-4-583-1234

Tim Hortons

This Canadian coffee chain is known for its coffee, doughnuts, and other baked goods. It’s a great place to enjoy a quick snack or a leisurely coffee break.

  • Location: First floor
  • Contact: +971-4-567-8765

Health and Fitness at Circle Mall JVC

For those who prioritize health and fitness, Circle Mall offers a variety of options to stay active and healthy.

Fitness First

This state-of-the-art fitness center offers a wide range of exercise equipment, fitness classes, and personal training sessions to help you achieve your fitness goals.

  • Location: First floor
  • Contact: +971-4-568-9000

Gold’s Gym

Another great option for fitness enthusiasts, Gold’s Gym provides top-notch facilities, including weight training, cardio equipment, and group fitness classes.

  • Location: Ground floor
  • Contact: +971-4-583-4567

Yoga House

For those looking to unwind and relax, Yoga House offers a variety of yoga classes suitable for all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, you’ll find a class that fits your needs.

  • Location: First floor
  • Contact: +971-4-567-1234


Circle Mall in Jumeirah Village Circle is more than just a shopping destination; it’s a community hub where residents and visitors can enjoy a wide range of retail, dining, and fitness options. With its extensive selection of stores, restaurants, and health facilities, Circle Mall truly offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to shop, dine, or stay fit, Circle Mall JVC is the ultimate retail destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the operating hours of Circle Mall JVC?
    Circle Mall JVC is open daily from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
  2. Is there parking available at Circle Mall JVC?
    Yes, Circle Mall JVC offers ample parking space for visitors.
  3. Are there any special events held at Circle Mall JVC?
    Yes, Circle Mall JVC hosts various events and promotions throughout the year. Check their official website for the latest updates.
  4. Can I find international brands at Circle Mall JVC?
    Absolutely! Circle Mall JVC houses numerous international brands, offering a wide variety of products.
  5. Is Circle Mall JVC family-friendly?
    Yes, Circle Mall JVC is a family-friendly destination with plenty of activities and stores catering to all age groups.

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