Complete Real Estate Sellers Guide 2024 – How To Sell Your Property in the UAE

Complete Real Estate Sellers Guide 2024 - How To Sell Your Property in the UAE

Are you looking to sell your property in the UAE well this can definitely be a profitable time to do so according to reports the average property prices in Dubai Rose by approx. 8.5% for apartments and 13% for Villas.

So if you’re looking forward to reaping the benefits of your investment in a hassle-free manner, look no further than this guide.

Here are all the things you need to know to ensure a smooth process.

Key To Sell

The key to selling is appearance presenting your property at its best will help you quickly and increase the chances of suitable offers from potential buyers.

Furthermore working with a RERA certified broker with relevant market knowledge can ease your process manifold


A reliable agent can help you generate a higher response from a wider client tail, after choosing your agent the next step is to conduct the valuation of your property to determine what prices to expect.

You will receive a market analysis of similar properties listed in your area as well as recently sold properties

Marketing and Viewing

The next significant stage is marketing and viewing, once a property is listed with professional photos it will attract buyers. The agent will then invite the potential buyer to view the property

Negotiation and Formalities

During this phase some offers will come up and the broker will report back and begin the negotiation stage once you have found the right match I mean the buyer you will sign an MOU that defines both parties responsibilities thereafter.

Completing Formalities

The formalities will be completed such as obtaining an NOC and deactivating utilities finally on the transfer day all parties will visit the Dubai Land Department (DLD) office to begin property transfer to the new bio.

Once all processes have been completed a new title deed will be issued to the new buyer. 

All this sounds super easy, doesn’t it?

BUT…BUT…BUT… this will only be possible with an expert on your site otherwise imagine listing your property on endless websites and portals or going from office to office collecting documents.

THANK GOD for You & House Properties get rid of your stress by calling the experts today,

Thank us later! 🙏

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